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About Us

 What is Daily Dose of Pony?

    DDP is an all-skill-level content-featuring platform for all kinds of pony content, no matter the generation! If it’s pony, we wanna post it and spread awareness, giving both big and small artists a chance to shine through the chaos of noisy social media.


Our Vision

    This fandom is a gem to be shown, and so much of the fandom's creations go unnoticed. Among the noise of social media, and the algorithm's absolute disregard for content, it is difficult for creators to be seen and for content to be found.

We want to change that!

Daily Dose of Pony aims to be a place for all kinds of content, big and small, to find the light of day!

Want your content shown? Send it to our email at!


Our Socials

Twitter : @DailyDoseofPony
Youtube : @DailyDoseofPonyYT

Mastodon: @dailydoseofpony

So, who runs DDP?
Check out our team page!

It currently costs about $100/year to fund Daily Dose of Pony and the operating costs of its daughter projects "Pony Voice Index" and "Rarity Project".
However, this will soon be much more as we transition to a better site hosted on Wordpress, increasing costs to a monthly and per-visit amount.

If you want to support our work here at DDP, you can do it here:

[Daily Dose of Pony Patreon]