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    There are so many great and powerful resources online for the Brony Fandom! We here at Daily Dose of Pony are very thankful to the hard-working, dedicated bronies that maintain these resources, and we want to share these resources with you! 

Click each link to learn more about them!

General Fandom Info:

What Is A Brony?

A well made and managed website introducing anypony and everypony to the origins, history, and ongoing existence of the Brony Fandom! It even has a timeline of major events in the fandom, which you can find here! [Brony Timeline]

Managed by: LittleshyFiM


Content Archiving: 

The Pony Archive:

Warning: Site contains uncencored content

An amazingly dedicated archive of all the pony videos you can think of! If something has been deleted, is missing from your playlist, got the music removed, or you just want to archive videos yourself, head over the The Pony Archive to search by creator!

Managed by: ZizzyDizzyMC


Top 10 Pony Videos:

A wonderful monthly and yearly event that has YOU the viewer vote for the top! Handed down over time since 2011, the series now rests in the hands of LittleshyFiM, a dedicated and vigilant creator!

Managed by: LittleshyFiM

An expansive archive of brony and pony music! It is an expansive site that is a community, hosting service, and music database all made for pony! Managed by, you can find all kinds of pony music, from amatuer to the top of the top. You can even post your own, creating albums, allowing for multiple downloads, and streaming!

Managed by: Poniverse


Art - Derpibooru:

Warning: Site contians all ratings of content behind filters

The largest fan-dedicated artsite in existence, Derpibooru is an exhaustive archive of pony art, a community, and a social sharing platform! Incorperating a detailed and well-managed tagging system, Derpibooru allows users to find exactly what they want and quickly. It also acts as a social platform, and is a nessesary place for any pony artist to share their art if they want to be seen by the community! (psst, I have personally used derpi to literally scout for potential empoyees for my company! - Saphire)

Literature - FiMFiction:

Warning: Site contians all ratings of content behind filters

FiMFiction (aka "fimfic") is a massive community of writers, both of original stories and fanfiction of the franchise! If you're looking for a good read, this is the place to go. It also doubles as a social site, allowing writers to commicate with their audience directly.

Managed by: knighty


Videos - Project Vinyl:

Warning: Site contians all ratings of content behind filters

Project Vinyl is a video content hosting site and archive for bronies of all walks of life! Proudly affiliated with The Pony Archive, their goal is to create a platform to help the community grow!


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