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Monday, August 7, 2023

Site News - Our AI Content Policy

AI Content Policy Statement

To understand why we do not allow AI content, its important to understand the whole purpose of Daily Dose of Pony.

Daily Dose of Pony's primary purpose is to help creators grow and thrive by giving them an even playing field of exposure to the audience out there.

Usage of AI, though, hurts the creators that are already out there. Not only does it replace writers, voice actors, and artists, but it actively encourages others to do the same.

If everyone is using AI because it's convenient, how can small or big creators survive off of their art?

However, we also understand the other point of view. AI as a tool can greatly expand an artist's capabilities, especially where resources like voice work are extremely hard to come by.

Daily Dose of Pony is working to combat this. We're gathering and making available resources that should allow all kinds of creators access to what they lack in their art.

I, Saphire, am personally responsible for my own game design team. I know just how hard some resources are to come by, but I also have access to resources I love to freely share when I can.

I say that because I want you to know that I want to help you. Already I have helped projects that used AI to find better alternatives in using real individuals where they otherwise weren't able to find them on their own.

At this current time, no, we do not have those resources collected, so feel free to reach out to me via my email on my site [here]. I would rather you be patient and lift up another artist in your artistic venture than give up and hurt others in the process.

This posted will be updated when said resources are available.

-Saphire Systrine 


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