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Friday, May 17, 2024

davee MLP - "Living with Rainbow Dash (MLP IRL)" - Ponies IRL


davee MLP, a YouTuber who mainly makes MLP in real life videos, recently uploaded a video titled "Living with Rainbow Dash (MLP IRL)." The video details the various antics of the protagonist and Rainbow Dash living together as roommates.

 If you'd like to find out more, check out the article below!

The video begins with the protagonist reading until Rainbow Dash sits down and starts chatting with him.

Rainbow Dash gushes about Applejack's "sick moves" and says that this week she's gonna help Rainbow Dash with the latter's new flying trick.

The video then cuts to the protagonist reading manga, until he overhears Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle flying outside the apartment window.

Twilight claims that she doesn't freak out over tests, which causes Rainbow Dash to point out that Twilight's freak outs are so epic, her greatest freak outs are about freaking out.

In the next scene, while Vylet Pony's "Brohoof" video plays, the protagonist gets an email from Spitfire saying that Rainbow Dash will be flying with "a living legend."

Upon breaking the news to Rainbow Dash, she squeals with joy and does a dance to celebrate flying with Wind Rider and the Wonderbolts (though given the former's true intentions, it may not be a good thing).

Afterwards, the video shows Rainbow Dash and Applejack claiming they aren't scared while being in the middle of a public street with several cyclists.

The protagonist is then shown studying on his computer. A few seconds later, Rainbow Dash asks if it's snack time yet.

The protagonist says no as he has work to do. Rainbow Dash then gives a sad look and her tummy growls.

Exasperated, the protagonist agrees to cook for Rainbow Dash. He starts making toast and asks Rainbow Dash for help.

An eager Rainbow Dash is shown in a chef's hat and apron, causing the protagonist to backtrack and say, "Actually, that may be a bad idea."

Once the toast is done, however, Rainbow Dash pushes away the toast in disgust. The video then ends with the protagonist saying, "I give up."

Although short, the video is entertaining with Rainbow Dash and the protagonist's interactions demonstrating a lot of chemistry between the two.

Be sure to support davee MLP by subscribing to their YouTube channel!

For another example of davee MLP's work, here's their video "Rarity's Complaint (MLP IRL)," which has Rarity making a noise complaint as her neighbors blast music in the background!



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