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Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Multiartist - Trixie Day - Pony Day Post

 Come one, come all!

Gather 'round and put your hooves together, friends, for today is a special occasion! Join us below as we celebrate, appreciate, and adore a pony who needs no introduction, but would most definitely insist upon one anyway. An Equestrian national hero of questionably unparalleled magical skill, a pony with the alleged power to banish an Ursa Major , and the first and only of her generation to perform the incredible Moonshot Manticore Mouth Dive™... The Great and Powerful Trixie!

First things first, we've got a short and sweet little video from Pearmare Animation briefly discussing the absolutely ancient "Trixie eating pinecones" meme. It even includes a pinned comment with a little history and insight from BronyMike, the person who originally came up with the idea!


Next up is this awesome animatic from TreveneGhost that delves into her backstory, set to the remarkably well-fitting Oh No! by Marina and The Diamonds which is definitely not a song that's now firmly stuck in my head, thank you for asking.


According to this short animation from Bluebro, Trixie is absolutely not scared. Not even a little bit.

MalachiMoet did an absolutely fantastic job with this wonderfully adorable picture of everyone's [citation needed] favorite tiny horse magician!

And finally, to round things off, we have another absolutely adorable image of Trixie being her sassy, silly self by the talented LiaAqila!

As always, please be sure to follow and give your (hopefully very!) enthusiastic support to the creators whose works we've featured here. If you've got any Great and Powerful fan works that you love, sound off in the comments and share them with us!

...Oh, and thanks to Cupute for collecting the majority of the content in this post!