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  Site News! We need Writers and Coders! More info below!

How To Submit!

Want to see your content on DDP?

    Well you're in luck, cause its just a simple Email! If you already know what to do, go ahead and submit at!

General Content Rules

    While we love all kinds of pony content, there are some things we will not post. Generally, we wish to keep things artfully PG-14, but we're pretty relaxed.

No Sexual/X-rated Content
No Excessive Violence / Excessive Gore
    >Examples: Smile HD

No Glorification of Drugs/Alcohol
    >"Glorification" here means "intentionally encouraging people to do drugs and making it seem like a good thing to do."
    >Memetic drug use will be looked at case-by-case

General Vulgarity
    >4chan-level use of sex jokes or obscene language is generally not allowed

AI Content
    >AI Content of any kind is not allowed and will not be accepted. For more info, check this post.

Fandom Drama
    >Absolutely no fandom drama. "Drama" here is defined as intentionally communicating negative things about other creators, for whatever reason.
    >Documentaries about brony history that mention drama will be analyzed case-by-case.

Everything is up to our discretion, so please send it in! If you think your content doesn't qualify, just send it in!

 General Quality Guidelines

    We are open to all kinds of pony content, but there are some simple quality requirements. HOWEVER! These are just general requirements. Special events may make exceptions for quality guidelines, like the Amateur Art Nights!

we wish to post things that have effort put into them. There is lots of content out there that are just low-effort compilations of clips (aka "Edits"), low quality base edits (5000hrs in MS Paint), or intentional YoutubeKid Spam, and we generally want to avoid that.

However, we accept AMATEUR art and content! It will have a special place among the amateur posts.

Again, if you're not sure, just send it in and ask!


Email Tagging

    In order to efficiently sort through all the wonderful content you guys send us, we ask that you tag it! Below are several tags for all kinds of content, and the more we need, the more we'll add!

Basic Formatting:
In Subject, put the TAG and the full proper name as shown on the site! Like so:

In the body, put the name of the content, the name of the author (even if it's you!), and any info you'd like to share!

Tag fanfics with FANFIC! Please provide both a link to the fanfic, and any info you would like to include about it!

Please provide a Derpibooru, DeviantArt, or other image-hosting sources, rather than send it in directly!
For the Amateur Art Night's, tag your art with "AMATEUR ART"

Youtube, Bitchute, BiliBilli, it doesnt matter! We prefer you to send original sources rather than reposts. If the video had to be reposted due to a takedown, then you may send that instead!

Same as the Video submissions, we just prefer you to send original sources rather than reposts.

Please also send the original fanfic, if possible! If it is an Audio Drama, tag with "AUDIO DRAMA"

Special Events
We have many special events, so when we have them, tag your email with the event name!

Spotlight Articles!

    We want to hear from YOU! All of you have so much interesting stuff to share, and we'd love to give you the light of day to share your knowledge with the world!

Email us your ideas, and we will let you know what we think!