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Monday, October 30, 2023

doubleWbrothers - The Amazing Digital Circus Parody: POMNI PONY - MLP Crossover Animation

Pomni Turned Into A Pony!?

doubleWbrothers just uploaded a new animation called "The Amazing Digital Circus Parody."

If you'd like to know more, check out the article below!

doubleWbrothers, a YouTube animation team consisting of two brothers who are known for their surreal MLP animations, recently released a new MLP X The Amazing Digital Circus Parody crossover called "The Amazing Digital Circus Parody: POMNI PONY."

The animation, which predominantly features the character Pomni from the 3D animated video "The Amazing Digital Circus: Pilot" made by Glitch Productions, begins with Pomni trapped in the titular "Amazing Digital Circus."

However, Pomni then comes across a machine titled "Problem Solve Machine," which she then reluctantly presses in the hopes of finding a way out of "The Amazing Digital Circus."

However, the machine then unexpectedly changes Pomni's name to Ponmi and transforms Pomni into an MLP-style pony!

Taking another look at the machine, it's then revealed the title is actually "Problem Source Machine" (which appeared to have been mischievously covered up by "The Amazing Digital Circus" character Jax).

The video then ends similarly to "The Amazing Digital Circus: Pilot," with Pomni (now Ponmi) sporting a creepy smile while staring at the camera (though she does give out a horse-like neigh right before the video ends).

Similar to "The Amazing Digital Circus: Pilot" itself, the video boasts stellar animation as well as a nice blend of comedy and surreal horror.

For another example of doubleWbrothers' work, here's their animation "Pinkie Meets Pinkie," which has the MLP character Pinkie Pie meeting her human variant in the real world!

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