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Monday, August 7, 2023

Fortune Star & Partly Pinkie - G3 Archiver - Discord Server Showcase

 Pony G3 Discord Server Incoming!

Heres a video explaining what the server is!
Are you a fan of G3 and other Gens, wanting a place to hangout and chat with active peeps?
Well this article here will tell you more about said place including videos made by Fortune Star and Partly Pinkie
This server, filled with excitement and fun, is a place for fans young and old to enjoy a place to hangout with and watch older and newer Gen content, share art, etc.

Here's a funny skit involving the members of the server

Fortune Star along side Partly Pinkie, are archivers for G3 content, making sure that they are shared in the most HQ (aka high quality) possible since there's little to no access to such content in such quality. With Maul creating the server, Partly and Fortune now combine their efforts to run the Butterfly Island Resort Discord Server. A discord server to help in being a place for fans to have a place to share their thoughts and creative input no matter the generation. They have both helped in the maintaining the server's events which includes hosting hangout sessions in Ponytown!

This Ponytown Island made by Fortune Star alongside another member on the server named Maul!

It's a general hangout for collectors, artists, and fans of all kinds! If you ever have questions on what pony you may have, or assistance with drawing ponies in older Gen style, the members of this server would love to help with that. Either way the server link is through this video if you wish to connect with others in the fun world of Butterfly Island!
(Butterfly Island being a reference to the place showcased in Gen 3 MLP)
- Cupute

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