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Sunday, August 6, 2023

dBpony - "iConsume" - Music

 Get ready to Consooooom

Do you like jazz? - Barry B. Benson
Read below if yes :)

This track, like many of dBponies tracks, has hit the mark when it comes to high quality bangers! This song in particular has much more of a chill and jazzy vibe with no lyrics, still perfectly hitting the mark for such a boppin beat!

The intriguing artwork that's displayed for this song is rather amusing and accurate. With a jazzy beat that resembles the amusing upbeat tone of shopping background noise, followed by unhappy hoof tapping customers, it paints quite the relatable scenario. Not to mention the well rounded character designs of the ocs alongside canon characters within the artwork, great work AnonTheAnon!

All around this song and art be boppin and I recommend you give dBponies other videos a watch, as well as subscribe to them! They're extremely talented and deserve more viewers!!


Art credit to Agrol

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