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Saturday, August 5, 2023

Koron Korak - "Alles Gehort Mir (Everything Is Mine) Remix" - Dark Synth Song

 Some Epic Deutsch singing below!

Talk about epic! More info after the break:

You better hold on, because those starting strings are deceptive. BAM! Hit with hard dark synths. Then it opens up to the german lyrics! It all makes for quite the brutal-feeling song!

Originally made by StableTwoStallion, this remix was a birthday present from Koron to Stable!

Orignally sung by StableTwoStallion in an epic Industrial Gothic Metal format, and put to visual stills of Cozy Glow singing to her enemies, Koran took this masterpiece and put quite the interesting energy filled spin on it. I personally think both versions have much to offer, so go listen to the original!

As always, go subscribe to both of them, and make sure to give a like! It's important we support those who create art in our community!

-Saphire Systrine

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