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Tuesday, August 8, 2023

DJTHED - "3D Test Animation of my Character!" - 3D Animation

3D ponies incoming! :D

More info below!

DJTHED (pronounced "DJ-Thed" :P) has been making ponies, both fanmade and official, for a long while, and here is his original character!

I personally love the little touch of the colt lifting his muzzle to show off that male snout profile, its quite the slick detail.

Back after a tiny bit of a hiatus due to working on professional animation, DJ wanted to finally make a ponysona for himself rather than use his usual Leafeon model. He livestreamed the process, which you can find by going to his youtube live section!

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DJ said he will do his best to find that ballance between professional and personal work, so hopefully we'll be seeing more from his channel! But of course, on his time, in his way, and if he chooses not to, that's okay. He's still an amazing modeler and animator nonetheless!

To keep up to date with his most recent stuff, make sure to follow his Twitter: @_DJTHED

Or support him on Patreon!

Or check out his other links on Linktree!



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