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Tuesday, August 8, 2023

Applejackofalltrades - "Libraries Weren't Made For This" - Fanfic

 Pony Fanfic Incoming!

A silly mare is just trying to read her books when the library suddenly becomes a hotspot for a bunch of ponies, ponies she doesn't normally see at a library.
Wanna know what's causing a ruckus? 
Here's the fanfic, but feel free to read more below!
Mild spoilers, so if you wish to maintain the mystery you skip to the Moon Dancer artwork!

"Libraries Weren't Made for This", written by Applejackofalltrades, is about the beloved Moon Dancer trying to enjoy her time at the library when a sudden intrusion occurs: a speed dating session right in the middle of the library! As the noise continues, a lovely pony named Coco Pommel joins her, hoping for a bit of reading time as well. It's quite cute as they interact, relating to the situation at hoof and eventually deciding to move their conversation outside the library. 
It's heavily worth a read!

What I adore about this fanfic is that Applejackofalltrades doesn't hesitate to let us see into the mind of the introverted Moon Dancer, who's very much annoyed by the thought of ponies interrupting her... except from Coco Pommel, which is cute. Definitely considered a Meet-Cute from what Applejackofalltrades had expressed in the description!
I especially love the scene when Coco and Moon chat about their interests and hobbies, starting to warm up to each other.
It's wholesome, cute, short and simple, well worth the read, and I can't recommend it enough!

Can we talk about how freaken cute this pipe-cleaner sculpture of Moon Dancer is, like this is not a medium ya see everyday!

Either way, if you enjoy Moon Dancer or Coco Pommel I heavily recommend ya read!  This short story, having been made for a speedwriting fanfic challenge
definitely radiates quality, making it a fun and unique the interaction not many would think about often! Go check out Applejackofalltrades'a profile to look more into their fanfics if you wish to read more of their work!

Anyways, have a great day and stay pony!

- Cupute
( Art made by Malte279 )

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