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Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Nightclaw / PonyVerse Team - PonyVerse - Upcoming Game!

 A Pony Socializing Game... in 3D!

Will this be the next Pony Town? Check out the full article below!

If you're part of the MLP community and haven't been living under a rock for the past few years, then you surely know what Pony Town is: an online multiplayer game where players can create their own pony characters and interact with others in a cute, pixelated virtual world. It's usually the go-to game for fans that want to socialize with other people while using their OCs (or any other ponified character) as their avatar, but recently, the PonyVerse team (founded by Nightclaw) announced a brand new project for a 3D pony socializing game called...well, PonyVerse! 
A little view of one of the game's maps.

As stated by the creators, the game (which was originally called Pony Meadows) will be separate from the MLP universe, and they came up with their own original pony models to use in game! You'll also see many different pony types, new locations, NPCs and, of course, other player characters to interact with!
Horse to horse communication.

The game still doesn't have have a release date, as it is still in early production, but it will be available for both PC and mobile users (remember to be patient, making a game takes a lot of time!). It's also important to note that, for now, everything is still subject to change. Oh, and if you have any cool ideas you want to share with the creators, you can submit your concept arts in their Discord server! Who knows? Maybe they can end up in the final product!
The many different horn styles...I wonder which one should I use?

If you're interested in keeping up with the game's production and checking out the latest updates, be sure to join their Discord server and follow them on TikTok! And if you can, support them on Patreon, as every little bit helps!




  1. Well, colour me interested!

  2. People should stay far away from this joke of a game.

    The owner NightClaw has recently been outed for using stolen assets from other Pony Games in progress, along with mass power abuse and displacement of donations.

    Please check out other games! This is not a legit project and will only drain you!