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Thursday, July 13, 2023

Mullet Music Productions - "The Magic of the Everfree" - Music

Cute pony music incoming!

"The magic of the Everfree has brought you here to me"
Super underrated artist, read more below!

    An adorable and well made song about a lonely pony finding someone to appreciate them! According to the artist, the song itself started as a challenge of several prompts, but then morphed into its current lyrical version when Balloon Party: Woodland Guide released their prompt "write something that one would encounter on a walk through the Everfree Forest."

    Honestly I think it is very well made, and this artist has made a couple of more videos. He's such an underrated artist, with only 77 subscribers as of the time of this post. I hope to see more from them, and I hope YOU hit that subscribe button. AND DONT FORGET THE BELL! I'm watching you!

-Saphire Systrine

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