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  Site News! We need Writers and Coders! More info below!

Tuesday, August 8, 2023


  Site News! We need Writers and Coders!

More info below!


We have big goals for Daily Dose of Pony, but that also means we need a big team!

Currently we need:
News Writers, Backlog Writers and HTML Editors!
(check after the Google Form for more info)

 There's actually a lot of news in the brony fandom, creations being shared all the time, and if we want any hope to be able to post them all on time, we cant just do that with a few writers!

Currently out of the four staff, only I, Saphire, have the task of writing news, and this is because the other writers are unable to dedicate the time to do it.

Our goal is to have enough writers that each of us only have to do one or two posts a day, or every other day, evenly spreading out the workload.

If YOU are willing to dedicate a little bit of time each week to writing about amazing pony content, then please fill out this form here:

[Google Form]

the beans

Types of Writers/Articles for Daily Dose of Pony

News Writers
    The primary responsibility of  News Writer is to pump out quick and relevant articles on newly released content. This is typically time sensitive, as what is the point of promoting a new piece of content if everyone already knows about it? Obviously there's still a point, and that's what Backlog Writers are for.

As a news writer, your responsibilities would include:

  • On-time article writing (typically within 12-24 hours after initial release)
  • Short-Form but still encouraging articles. They do not need to be as long as Backlog, Feature, or Spotlight articles
  • Investigating news about the creator and adding that information to the article if available.

Backlog Writers
    The primary responsibility of  Backlog Writer is to post older content. This is content that is typically beyond it's infancy phase of viewership. The newer it is, the more preferable it be posted sooner, however this doesn't mean really old content cannot be posted either. Generally the point of these is to make sure that all pony content gets a fair spotlight, especially the ones that flew under the radar.

As a Backlog Writer, your responsibilities would include:

  • Scouting for Backlog Content
  • Short/Long Form articles, preferably encouraging
  • Investigating the content of the creator and posting other content from them as well.
Here is an example of a Short Backlog Article: KimmyArtMLP - "Are You Falling in Love" - Animation

Here is an example of a Long Backlog Article: Childlike Wonder - Magic - Music Cover... AND MORE!

Feature Articles
    These articles are a sub-genre of both News and Backlog articles. These are essentially special posts in which the the writer can give much more educational or experiential detail about a subject than another, or goes more in-depth about an artist. The general purpose of these articles is to:

  • Advertise the creator being featured.
  • Expose the general audience to this artist or the art they do.
  • Educate the audience about the intricacies of this art in hopes it fosters a greater appreciation of it.
Here is an example of a Feature Article:
Candy Customs - "Ragdoll MLP OOAK" - Custom
Ignis1163 - "Hover 19" - Comic

Note, while similar, these are not Spotlight Articles. Also please note that feature articles are completely dependent on the writer, they're not a show of someones worth. If one artist gets a feature post, and another doesn't, that doesn't mean the one that didn't is somehow a worse artist. It usually just means we either didn't have the time or knowledge to write it :3

Spotlight Articles
    The purpose of these articles is to give the spotlight to an artist in order to share their knowledge, wisdom, and experiences with the fandom in a helpful and education way. These are typically written by the artist themselves, can be as long as needed, and aren't used for advertising. The general purpose of a Spotlight Article is to:

  • Educate the fandom about a certain topic.
  • Share exclusive experiential knowledge.
  • Grow an appreciation for the art, whatever kind of art it is.
As we're still starting out in our venture here at Daily Dose of Pony, we do not yet have any Spotlight Articles as an example.

Other Jobs
    There are still more jobs here at Daily Dose of Pony! Come take a look at some of them:

HTML/CSS Coding - This is to help us form the sites appearance, add functionality, and more! Check out "Future Plans" section to learn more about what our goals are.

Social Media Operator - This is the person that will go to the various social medias and notify creators that their content has been featured here.

Editor - This is to read over and check articles that may need a pre-read before they're released to fix grammar or language issues!

Content Scout - While we wish to rely completely on the fandom's input, we know that's not possible. If you're someone constantly searching for pony videos and digging up hidden gems, we'd love to bring you on board to fill our queues!

Video Editor - In the future we may want to do something like a weekly recap on Youtube and other socials in order to continue to spread awareness of the amazing content bronies make!

If you want to learn more about our future plans, or just some of the silly things we need some help with, check below!

Future Plans

    There are many kinds of content in the brony fandom, and we don't want to miss a thing. We want to make this content accessible to all while maintaining an appreciation for the artist, ensuring they get the views and attention.

    Our goal is NOT to try and get people to stay here so we can serve them ads, or use other's content to get our site views.

    What our goal IS, is to promote and share all kinds of pony content!

We currently do not earn money off of our site, and when we do start taking money, it will likely be on a donation basis through patreon or kofi to keep the site going, both to pay domain bills and site staff.

Site Appearance
    What you see now is Blogger, an old system ported over to Google and not exactly the most customizable. What you're seeing on your screen is about as custom as we can get it without someone who knows how to edit HTML.

Eventually we want to move to Wordpress. In fact, we already have a Wordpress site built. However, we need an HTML programmer to edit the Wordpress site code to add the post-preview functionality it lacks (or is behind a $300 yearly paywall we really don't want to pay). That site will allow us to really expand the potential of our posts to how we want (but we're 100% open to other options you may reccomend!).

>Darkmode: Yes, we want that too, believe me. It has to be custom built in to the site.

    We want to be able to feature all kinds of content AND make it easy for you the viewer to read.

We wish to Embed Audio
>Audio Readings: Either read by the writer, or an embedded text-to-speech system, we want to make it easy for people to enjoy the content and the articles. I know personally how hard reading can be for millennials and gen-z, as in my opinion, improper practices at school has made reading a 'chore' and 'boring', so we want to make it as easy as possible for all of you.

>Audio Files: Embedding audio files is important for those who may wish to anonymously submit music, or archival purposes, or just because someone wants to share an mp3 but doesn't want to host it on an external site.

This is currently not possible with Blogger, as Blogger does not natively host and embed audio files.

We also wish to set up systems that properly embed.
>Currently, Twitter Embeds do not work at all. We have to manually download and reupload twitter content to the site, both because of embed failure and because we fear Twitter is being quite volatile and we do not want a situation of a sudden loss of pony content in the future.

>Embeds are also manual. We have to edit HTML in order to embed something, and with blogger's not-so-well-made system, this becomes tedious.

>Embedding of Youtube Videos is just nonsensical. We have to scale them to a very odd size and hope they actually embed properly, as the mobile version of the site will randomly have videos going beyond the post boarders and off the screen.

>Just uploading images is tedious, as it is a struggle to even put them side-by-side on a post:


(I feel bad for EQD, they have to suffer like this too)

    Sometimes creators leave the fandom and take their work with them, letting wonderful art be destroyed for various reasons. We would ultimately love to partner with The Pony Archive and similar archival projects to make sure that, in the event an author does delete their work, or a massive site is one day no longer available, the embeded content is replaced with its archived counterpart. That is an interesting thing to undertake, and is certainly a goal for the much further future.

    We also wish to be a sort of 'resource hub' if possible, keeping updated lists of sites, fan resources like models/bases, info about copyright, and even a list of fan VA's for commission!

Ultimately, I feel using this site should be comfortable and easy for all involved, both for the reader and the writers!

-Saphire Systrine, Site Creator

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  1. This feels like a second expansion to EQD. You being allowed more flexibility to not need traffic per say, just cool execution. A suggestion is a news app like EQD has too. I know EQD once tried a music hosting/sharing/rating version of their site. Very cool idea but shut it down quickly. The only upside against is it allowed youtube vids to be embedded to it for ratings if I recall. So popular or only known sources can be preserved or shared and rated without taking away clicks on the original. All really cool though!