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Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Candy Customs - "Ragdoll MLP OOAK" - Custom

Pony Craft Incoming!

Wanna see and listen to something nice and chill? Definingly come and vibe with us!
So some of you may wonder, what exactly is a "Custom"? What's a OOAK? Well well well, you've come to the right page!
(Feel free to skip to the bottom of the Lyra gif if you don't wanna read ^^)

For a brief explanation, a "Custom" is usually referring to a craft involving Doll customization, but in this case it's for pony bases! Pony bases are either toys made officially by Hasbro or "Fakies", pony toys made by other off-brand companies that are very much a ripoff or copy of Hasbro products.

Customizing is the process of painting over and customizing the pony to be different colors and patterns. You can up the game by sculpting directly on the Custom by making hair, creating body parts like wings or a horn or accessories, or pulling out a sewing kit to go and make a simple little headpiece (like in this video), or a whole outfit! ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

OOAK's are around the same realm as Customs but instead are One.Of.A.Kind (OOAK). It essentially a label that says this is either a custom character or only one being made of it! I heavily recommend checking videos with the tag of OOAK if your interested, they're definingly a work of art to behold.

(Only downside; most of them are Human/Monster High custom dolls, but don't be afraid to go outside your comfort zone. Ya never know what you can find!)

Now that ya know what a Custom is, let's adore how amazing this video is!

This video was made in 2020, so doing indoor activities such as crafts was definingly common around the time. Aside from that, the video is pretty interesting to chill with, especially seeing the end result of the Custom! Turning little adorable Lyra into a plush Ragdoll inspired pony looks pretty cool!

I heavily recommend giving Candy Custom's video a like and checking out content that's similar!

- Cupute
( Art credit goes to Sugar Morning )


  1. I always get amazed at the kind of creativity people can accomplish.

  2. Love the video; amazing to see the transformation process