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Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Wubway - "MLP: A New Generation Rewritten" - Rewriting/Analysis

 Pony Rewriting Incoming!

    Ever wondered what it would have been like if G5's story was written differently using the concept art from the G5 Movie and series? Here's a video for you! 

Although definitely something to sit down & eat some popcorn with or draw along to! 

    This video goes in great depth with different critiques that relate to G5 and it's problems when it comes to the story and characters. They take aspects of the visuals provided by the concept art and build on that with their own spin on the tale of G5! It's a very inspiring and interesting perspective!

Of course, even if you personally hate G5 or love it, it's still nice to see other's perspectives and different ways of storytelling using what Hasbro has already given us and mixing that in with our own flair on things!

Either way, don't forget to go support Wubway! They made a good few videos similar to this one with various different themes and fandoms!

- Cupute

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