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Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Ignis1163 - "Hover 19" - Comic

 If you haven't read Hover, my friend, you are missing out!

Click here to read! Check below for EXCLUSIVE info!

Pango and Wyn are at it again in this mysterious bunker of a world they fell into! This is the wonderful 19th panel of Hover, a long-running, high-quality series about these two little dweebs. If you havent read the previous hover panel, you definitely should over here: Hover Full HD - Derpibooru

So, what is going on with this art?
Well, actually, it is a very special kind of art called "Photobashing", where many different photos are compiled together to make a new scene, kind of like a collage!

On the tumblr page, an anonymous user asked:

"Did you draw [the backgrounds] yourself or downloaded from a source? If yourself was it all just from your mind or was it heavily inspired from something specific?"

To which Ignis responded:

"Some images used in the bash as downloaded but most are taken by myself for copyright reasons.

To some degree it's my mind, and to another it's inspired by the works of others. A lot of the images used in Ember's [the red and grey pony] home are taken from my own and thus, at least for me, convey that warm home-like feel to them.

Also, the backgrounds are largely informed by the characters.
For example, Ember is very creative but doesn't have much of a mind for the organization so in her home things are all over the place in places they'd be convenient to get to at any moment, but otherwise very disorderly. You also see in her home a lot of stuff in use in odd ways, which is just her creativity at work."

And what interesting creative work indeed! I really encourage you to just zoom and soak in the detail and love put into each panel!

Here is an example of the WIP photo bashing from Hover 19!


Want more Pango and Wyn?
There is ALSO a wonderful 3D animation done with the little dynamic duo below! These little animations were made awhile ago, so while they arent relevant to Hover canon, they are still adorable and very well made!

And here!

Now, go get your fill of PangWyn! Yeah! I said the ship name! Go on! Get!

Ignis' Twitter: @Ignis1163
Tumblr: @hover1163
Instagram: ignis1163
Derpibooru: artist:ignis
Youtube: @IgnisAnimationStudios

-Saphire Systrine

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  1. I'm still a bit lost as to what's happening, but *dear lord*, that art is breathtaking.