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Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Czar_Yoshi & The Quinch - "Olden World Reading" - Fanfic / Fanfic Reading

Pony Fanfic Incoming!

Do you like adventurous fanfics? How about worldbuilding surrounding stories of little ponies that travel long distances all topped off with it being read out to you in a immersive way? Sign me up!

Czar_Yoshi since 2017 had written this story called "Olden World", a tale of a young filly, Starlight Glimmer, witnessing her best friend, Sunburst, getting a cutiemark. She, in reaction, runs away from home and travels out to a new mysterious country known as 'Olden World'. This fanfic was inspired by the wonderous and exciting story that was made by Imploding Colon called "Austraeoh", an inspiring tale of Rainbow Dash flying east and the hardships of both leaving home and traveling to such far distances.
(Similar idea to Olden World but portrayed in other ways!)

You can start your journey through this fanfic by either reading it yourself OR (thanks to the amazing and talented 'The Quinch') you can sit and listen to the fic, Audiobook Style! He's been recording his readings from this series since 2017, and still continues to this day (during the time of writing this)! This fella is talented at reading! He reads as clear and as legible as possible on top of doing accents for different characters, all while doing this himself. (And thanks to him up to 900+ chapters have been read already for this fanfic!) It feels like sitting by a warm campfire listening to a fun and exciting story about the wonderous journey of a lone pony feeling sad and trying to find her way!

Smol Glim Glam adores adventure.png

Czar Yoshi & The Quinch are talented individuals, with both of their works being truly amazing to read over or listen to, and I heavily recommend at least giving them a try!
You can start following along reading in this playlist!
If you rather read it yourself, here's the fanfic!

- Cupute

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