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Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Tootsie4ever - "My Little Pony's Worst Episodes" - Analysis Video... AND MORE!

 Analysis Video Incoming!

Rating// Minor Language

Tootse4Ever is back with another analysis video! Its nice to hear back from him! Check out more info below:

Well done as always, in this video Tootsie goes into episodes that fans commonly have issues with, and his personal preferences as well. Its a respectful yet funny piece with well-timed jokes and some good picks (in my opinion).

Though Tootsie, in my personal opinion, the primary issue "Non-Compete Clause" is that it retcons the whole point of "Fallweather Friends", where Dash and AJ get over their over-the-top ego battling in favor of in-good-fun competition.


If you haven't heard of Tootsie4Ever, you should really go check them out! They're a neat content creator that makes Comic Dubs, Analysis Videos, Con Vlogs, and even "Look Back" video's that take an honest look at certain episodes from the show!

They also have another channel called "Austin4Ever" where they make well-edited vlogs of their job as a trucker, and I honestly quite like them. Check those out below!

 Newbie Trucking Vlog:

Harmony Con 2022 Convention Vlog:

Thorax Comic Dubs 3:

Revisiting MLP: 



As you can see, Tootsie does quite a lot, but for now doesn't upload often because of his job as a trucker. But that's no biggie! People don't need to upload consistently to have fans. I watch his videos almost as soon as I come out.

It's like I have a friend sitting down next to me explaining their thoughts and opinions on the show.

Go check him out!

Youtube Primary: @Tootsie4ever
Youtube Secondary: @Austin4ever1
Twitch: TootsieForever

Twitter: @Tootsie4ever1
Discord Server:

Personal Website:

-Saphire Systrine

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