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Thursday, October 12, 2023

RetroGeek Crafts - Vinate UK Posey Restoration - G1 Restoration

A Vintage UK Posey Gets New Life!

RetroGeek Crafts is back again to bring new life to an old pony! This time it's the ever so sweet and kind Posey! More info below.

RetroGeek's videos are always a lovely surprise and this one is no exception! This specific Posey toy looked to be in awful condition and in my opinion, it seems like she was loved a little too much by someone. Somehow her symbol seems to be in great shape all things considered and in RetroGeek's hands, she gets the proper treatment she deserves!

Some of the techniques used in this video look really useful and I myself may have to try them out on some of my common ponies! Whilst the result may not be perfect to someone with a keen eye, that's the last thing that matters when you look at how she used to look.

One thing I will add is the interesting choice of hair colour. It reminds me of the colour Posey's hair turns after fading completely. Perhaps the idea behind this choice of hair colour was to show just how old Posey is now. A beautiful silvery white to show just how far MLP has come and how long it's been since the beginning!

Whatever the case, the result was absolutely fabulous and it brings a tear to my eye to see this pony looking once again, ready to be loved!

RetroGeek Crafts is one of my favourite YouTubers and it would mean a lot if you could go and show your support by subscribing if you haven't!

- Fortune Star


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