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Thursday, January 11, 2024

BronyMike - He has returned - Extended Interview

 BronyMike is back! Extended Interview

After an 8 year hiatus, BronyMike has returned to YouTube with more pony covers.
Check out more below!

Anyone remember BronyMike? He's the unstoppable vocalist/kazoo player who created Parts Of A Pony, the Trixie Eating Pinecones blog, and Randy Newmane, among many other things. A few weeks ago he made a sudden reappearance, with a new vocal cover and more on the way! Get to know all about his antics in this 80 minute long interview: how he got into the fandom, what projects he was a part of, and... how he became the first brony to interact with Ashleigh Ball? Find the video here Check out his new cover of Replacer's Cerulean Blue Follow BronyMike / MikeOShay's streams Glittermitten Grove speedrun at magFAST on Saturday, Jan 20th, at 10:00 AM Eastern Time (7 AM Pacific)

 - DuxTape



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