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Friday, June 14, 2024

Bit Assembly - Rana Neida - Upcoming Game!

Spring is Coming...

More pixel ponies? Don't mind if I do! The creator of Filly Astray recently released a demo version of their upcoming game! Curious? Check the full article below!

Bit Assembly, the creator of the pixel platformer Filly Astray, recently shared a post on Twitter announcing a demo version of their upcoming game, Rana Neida! In this game, you play as... well, Rana Neida, the Aspect of Spring, trying her best to fix a rather... 'chilly' problem. Check out the post and demo by clicking here!

[Insert incredibly funny Undertale joke here].

The intro cutscene gives us some context: Rana wakes up to a raging winter (even though it's already time for spring), and now she must clean up the place to ensure plant life can reemerge, but her sister is not very happy about it. You'll have to navigate a frozen cave, slowly unlocking more abilities while fighting off weird-looking fungi and, of course, Winter herself. While Filly Astray was a more linear adventure, Lana Neida is a metroidvania platformer, so expect a good amount of hidden items, interconnected areas, backtracking, and, of course, a considerable amount of "help, I don't know where to go". 

Introducing... the good ol' metroidvania map!

Right off the bat, you'll notice some differences in your character's base moveset. Unlike the previous game, the block and parry mechanic is absent (which is certainly disappointing... for me at least). Instead, your character can perform a quick forward dodge with some invincibility frames, though it’s less effective against projectiles. Your uppercut ability is also missing at the start, but don’t worry, you’ll be able to acquire it later in the game... kinda. Pressing the attack button 4 times in a row will end your combo with a sick bicycle kick that does extra damage.

Spring pony is ready to bring green back to the color palette.

Defeating the Aspect of Winter will rid the nearby area of the freezing cold, allowing you to use your run ability. This not only makes backtracking much easier but also grants access to previously inaccessible places. Also, here's a handy hint: if you press down while running, Rana will slide. If you do this at the edge of a platform, she'll float for a moment before falling (Mega Man's Charge Kick style), which you can then cancel into a long jump, essentially expanding your leaps even further.

Man, I hate when my sister tries to kill me... thrice...

The bosses and some of the enemies are pretty fast, and they can deal significant damage to your character before you can take them out. But, as a Dark Souls player once said: "After you memorize their attack pattern, it becomes a piece of cake"... that's me, I said that. Also, the attack and HP upgrades you collect while exploring will make fighting easier as well, so keep filling up that map!

There's, uh, a lot of mushrooms around...  and I think one of them tried to stab me just now.

All that being said, there's only one way to know if you'll enjoy the game or not! Click here to go to the game's page, download it, and give it a try! It took me around an hour and 20 minutes to 100% it, but it can take longer if you're prone to getting lost, or less if you're just, y'know, good at video games (I have a moderate amount of skill issue, sorry). Also, remember to follow Bit Assembly on both Twitter and, and if you enjoy the demo as much as I did, be sure to wishlist the game on Steam and, if you can, support the creator on Patreon (you'll get access to development builds)! And remember, this is a demo, and the game is subject to changes until its full release, so stay tuned! Oh, and if you haven't already, check out our article on Filly Astray!



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