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Friday, July 28, 2023

Partly Pinkie & Dava - "Kimono’s Townhouse Review" - Toy Comic Review

Pony Toy Comic !

Woah?! Toy Comic? Now that's not something you hear often!
Come on and check it out!
It has ponies!
Well well well, here we are back again with another new genre of media that isn't well known or shared often, Toy Comics! Essentially, these are comic panels that are made by taking photos of figurines (usually action figures or legos) and placing them in scenes to create a whole story in comic format! 
If ya like to hear more about the genre feel free to stay tuned,
but if not scroll till you see Kimono and Minty 

Here we go!

The level of work put into toy comics like these can differ from creator to creator. Often times what they do is have many different accessories, dollhouse furniture, set pieces, sheets of paper;  all this to build scenes from the ground up!

Sometimes, they buy multiple figures/toys of the same characters or same mold of the character. 
This story in particular uses the method of buying multiple ponies, then painting over them to look like the same character is in different poses. The problem with using toys with unmovable legs or heads is that it limits what angles they can be portrayed at. Due to this, this creator went out of their way not only to make multiples of Minty but also Kimono and potentially other characters! (On top of crafting certain props for scenes!)

As you read, you can see a small description within each post that describes Dava's inspiration, fun facts about how the panels were made, or other shenanigan's.

I highly recommend if ya wanna read up on some more techniques and facts about it here & here

^ "So you say your curious about the comic?"      "Yes! Please tell me more about it!" ^

Wellllll.... That's what the video is for!
It's essentially a overview of what the series is about with a peek into how Partly Pinkie was introduced and their fascination with the series. (Well worth it in my opinion ee) If it weren't for Partly Pinkie I would have never found out about this 400+ page comic series!! It's incredible the dedication Dava went into to make the amazing and humorous world of Kimono's Townhouse.
The amount of work put into this is insane! The video helps to illustrate the incredible craftsmanship that was involved with this story. I recommend ya go and check out Partly Pinkie's other content alongside this video, they often share other G3 related content!!

You can go read the comic here!

- Cupute

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