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Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Painter Pony General #1 - 3D Ponies

You look lonely... 3D Ponies right this way...

"Blade Runner 2049 but ponified" by Makaryo

As always, click to go into gallery mode, and make sure to check the sources and like/retweet! It is very important to show love and support to these artists!

(No ranking was done, all artists are displayed in an arbitrary order of discovery.)

More after the break:

"Zipp as Oppenheimer" by Makaryo

"Pipp as Barbie" by Makaryo

"Hitch as Ken" by Makaryo

"Selfie w/ Opaline!" by Makaryo

"Twilight" by ycliyuan0217
"Derpibooru" by ycliyuan0217

"Twilight" By WonderLS
"Warm Light" by WonderLS
"Trixies Wagon" by PonTIAK
"Twilight" by pony21121481
-Saphire Systrine

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