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Thursday, August 10, 2023

SinclairDuGore - "Change The Formality - Muffins Creepypasta" - Animation Meme

Pinkamena in da houuuuse!

Check out more info about this fanfic and animation below!
Back at it again with the high effort animations in the fandom! Today I bring to you a animator who decided to animate a animation based on "Muffins", a fanfic inspired by the infamous fanfic "Cupcakes".
If you wish to learn more bout the Fanfic "Muffins" read below but if not scroll till ya see a gray mare (Minkiepie).

Muffins is a very gruesome and gory fanfic depicting Pinkie Pie and her sisters, Limestone, Marblestone, and a new sister (they were made before Maud Pie) Minkiepie, the oldest sibling in the group who was locked away for being considered a freak or a mistake to her parents. Despite this, when she was found she was loved by the other sisters, adorning a lock cutiemark. The sisters alongside Derpy, Applebloom and a few others joining the sisters in their "cupcake" making shenanigan until they eventually get arrested by royal guards.

Fun fact! There are actually two versions of this story. An artist by the name of "Rainbott" fixed many problems in it on top of fixing some things they personally didn't like. If you want to know more, here's a video!

Created by the lovely Rainbott

If you want to read the original, you can look up the fanfic but we unable to post the original fanfic here as it violates our content policy, as well as to note the fic contains things that many may find it offensive or triggering.

Either way, the saga is very interesting, if you do go on reading it, be warned that it is a creepypasta and it does have gory scenes within the fic. Your able to read the remade work they did put in here. This includes artworks depicted, bios for characters etc. In fact here's one of the artworks made by Rainbott!
Look at Minkie, adorbs as always. Her name in Rainbott's version is Onyx which i personally think is more fitting. Minkie being more of a nickname.

Anyways! The animation! SinclairDueGore has done it again with the wonderfully animated ponies! This one in particular is animated using a combination of Procreate & Toonsquid, and it's very nicely done! Procreate being used to draw the assets and Toonsquid to animate the moving parts. Using a combination of puppet rigging (an animation style used in G4 MLP) and redrawing certain frames within Toonsquid or revising in Procreate. Either way its insanely cool how they made such fluid animation and if you wish to learn from their process they happen to have made a video about it!

Very fun and exciting indeed! Don't forget to go subscribe to SinclairDuGore's content and check out their other content! Especially since their upcoming video is going to be based on " Beyond Her Garden " so stay tuned!
- Cupute

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