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Tuesday, August 1, 2023

banquo0 - "What is a Brony?" - Analysis

 Fun analysis video below!

More info below!

Have you ever wondered what a "Brony" (pronounced 'brow-nee') is? Well ask no more!

Banquo0 and Lerovun have come together to give you an extremely in-depth and to-the-point explanation on what such a creature is!

After years of research and on-the-ground testing, they have finally made their years of data known to the greater world, and what a video it has made. Learn everything from their origin to their culture, their physiology to their behavior, and even about the oppressive regime they live under!

It is all quite a fascinating watch, I implore you to give it your attention, like, and subscription!


-Saphire Systrine

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