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Friday, August 11, 2023

Chiibe - "Rainbow Dash shows Applejack something awesome!" - Comic Dub

 More Punkitt dubs incoming!

CW// Mild Sex Joke

The humor, the art, and the acting. Mwah! Magnificent. I love these little comics, both in their original forms, the ones Maka made, or even the little voice overs like this one! Chiibe has done an amazing job, and I hope to see more of them in the future! They honestly hit the nail right on the head with the acting.

As always, make sure to subscribe for future updates from their channel!

Heh, I say 'little voice overs', but actually their previous dubs here:

Were animated by Maka here:

Goes to show ya that the voices behind it are still amazing even without the fancy visuals. All of it is incredible acting, very well done, Chiibe!

Follow Chiibe on Twitter here: @cheebsVO

Subscribe here: @chiibei

And if you wanna stay up to date on Punkitt's comics, here: @Punkittdev

-Saphire Systrine

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