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Saturday, August 12, 2023

Cosmonaut Pony - PINKIE PIE SHANTY (Wellerman Sea Shanty) - Ponified Song & PMV

♫ Soon miss Pinkie Pie come 
and bring us sugar, candy, and fun!

One day when the party is done, we can take our cake and Goooo!

Love sea shanties? Love Pinkie Pie? This song and article is for you!

Cosmonaut Pony has brought us a delightful cover of the Wellerman Sea Shanty with a bit of a Pinkie twist! Intriguing and cutesy lyrics indeed! Cosmonaut did a wonderful job making such a delightful, and exciting song which is sure to bring delight to many! (It surely did for me ee)

The animation and the cover of the song was made by 
Cosmonaut Pony, and they surely had fun with it! It has a nice bouncy, but flowy kind of movement for the video, not too distracting and nice to watch while listening to the song.

I was today years old when I realized that this artwork in particular of 
pirate Pinkie Pie exists and its official!
Its freakin adorable AAAA!

Cosmonaut also made this amazing cover of the hamster dance song that's also been ponified to showcase Applejack!

They only have a few videos at the moment but I'm sure they will be posting more in the future! The Applejack song was posted only 3 weeks ago as I'm writing this!

Look at Applehorse go brr
Definitely go and give them a follow and subscribe for more of their content! Their other videos are both fun and exciting, I highly recommend going and checking them out.

Thanks for reading this article and have a wonderful day!

- Cupute
(Applejack Artwork made by Dsiak)

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  1. There's no way you can get it from the end of my day and then I'll get back to work tomorrow morning and then I can come over for you to come over for dinner