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Monday, August 14, 2023

Dreeze πŸ’š - Fixing Little Inconsistencies: Misty’s Reformation Issue - Rewriting & Critique

Misty Misty Misty!

Critiques and reenactments! Come read more below:

Dreeze has done a tremendous job going over their thoughts of what Generation 5's struggles with Misty's redemption arc. They detail the events in the show as they point out out the inconsistencies they found involving the plot in both Tell your Tale & Make your Mark, especially in regards to Misty's redemption arc, and how they went about her working against Opaline. Dreeze goes on to describe how there's an A plot and a B plot, with Make your Mark being the A plot whilst Tell your Tale's later half of the series diverts into the B plot. Dreeze decided to go about fixing the problems in their own way by writing an encounter between Misty and Opaline.
The video above features the whole analysis, but if you only want to see the alternate story, Dreeze has so graciously given us a separate video below!

(Although if you wish to have context for the interaction, I recommend watching the original video above)

Fun fact, I happened to have been DMed by Dreeze in the making of this video and asked to help make the thumbnail for this portion of the video! With a combination of Dreeze's references of Opaline's castle in 3D and 2D, I was able to make the artwork shown above. It took a while at around 6 hours of work. 
(According to my art program) It was a long journey of trial and error, using new brushes for procreate but I was able to get it done in time.

Either way, I definitely recommend checking these videos out! Dreeze made such a great video here, including the voice actors who have helped:
Misty's VA being KittyHiPur, Opaline's VA being IzzleShizzlePNG,
and the Narrator/ SFX Editor NaraASMR!
Give them some support and stay tuned for Dreeze's future projects!

- Cupute


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