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Monday, August 21, 2023

Koron Korak - "The Hope Carrier [Egyptian Orchestral]" - Ochestral Fan Music

A Somnambula orchestrated song Incoming!

Koron Korak has done it again with this awesome music!
Wanna read more about it? Click below!

Koron Korak, a great and underrated Musician in the brony fandom, has done it again with the awesome Somnambula inspired music! As quoted from the video itself;
"This song actually travelled times, because it was made and finished by the end of may 2020. I composed by this time, this song to a girl I was in love with, and she really loved Somnambula so I was really inspired. I always get thrills and tears when listening to this song... I created the melodies, following my heart, and the Egyptian vibes, imaginating a story through the song." - Koron Korak 2023
Fun fact: Did you know Koron Korak made this artwork (the thumbnail) for this song they made. I was literally jaw dropped when I found this out. I don't normally see musicians making their own artwork for a song they made so it was insanely cool to find this out!! Go check out their deviantart here!

And this song sure did! Being originally rejected, they felt hopeless for the light of day to shine on this song but despite their troubles they got up and rejoiced as they felt that this song deserves to be shown! According to them in the video that this was posted from, they said;

"And today I feel like this track is actually one of my ever best music made!"  [Koron Korak]

I couldn't agree more! This song is moving in so many ways, both in emotion and in story telling. I highly recommend you check out this song, and Koron Korak's many other great songs here!

Either way thanks for reading and have a amazing day!

- Cupute

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