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Wednesday, August 16, 2023

SinclairDuGore - "Beyond Her Garden (Unfinished)" - Animated PMV

  MORE from Sinclair!

While it sadly wasnt finished, its still awesome! More below:

Wow! Such an amazing job, and in such short time! I am highly impressed, and they CONTINUE to go on and make Pinkies Brew!

Even though it's unfinished, I commend Sinclair for continuing even when it got tough and being willing to share the unfinished result, I wish more artists would do that!

Sinclair, if you happen to read this, as a point of technical advice, something many artists have to do, even in the professional industries, is divide up the animation into sections. What I mean is, each section is its own project file. You can even copy the project file before so you have all the assets, and then delete the stuff you dont need This way, it keeps file complexity down and makes sure the software can handle it. Once all the sections are done, you just stitch them together! It certainly will require some planning and editing afterwords, but I have confidence you are very capable of that!

I really dont know what to say except they did a good job and continue to do amazingly! Please go subscribe for more!


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