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Thursday, August 3, 2023

SinclairDuGore - "The Rainbow Factory" - 2D Animated PMV

 Rainbow Factory PMV Incoming!

Warning// Blood, Implied Death

Come check out a well animated version of Pegasus Device!
More info below.

After nearly year long break from animation, SinclairDuGore has come back with a fantastic depiction of the Rainbow Factory stories. Animated to "Pegasus Device", it honestly speaks for itself to the story's dark and horrifying origins while leaving just enough info out for those curious to read.

While the animation is rough in places, it is very well done for someone just coming back to animation after a good while gone! They also do very detailed art and are dabbling in 3D modeling and music, which you can see on their instagram! [Warning, their insta contains blood, graphic gore, and questionable content and will not be linked here]

If you wish, go check out the rest of their content. But be warned, there is a reason their name is "DuGore", for they certainly do gore, with Rainbow Factory being rather tame in comparison.

Regardless, I hope to see more cool animations come out of them! As always, subscribe to them if you want to keep in the loop of their content.


-Saphire Systrine

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