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Saturday, October 28, 2023

Makaryo - "I TASTED THE SILVER PLAYBUTTON!" - Milestone Celebration


CW// Mild Language

Celebrating 100k Subscribers, Makaryo unboxes a play button! Have some words of encouragement below...

There isnt much to say except that we're celebrating along with you! It's so cool that you've reached this milestone, Maka. I hope your channel continues to grow, as you continue to grow!

But, some parting wisdom for you...

Remember that your subscribers are real people, not mere numbers. While this fact tends to make us anxious, making real the weight of expectations of our audience, let me change your mind on that:
You set your channels expectations, not your audience. They dont come expecting anything except for what you tell them to expect. If you told them you'd upload monthly? They will expect monthly uploads. If you didnt tell them you'd upload on a schedule, they wont notice when you don't! So dont put more pressure on yourself thinking people are getting mad at sparse uploads!
Similarly, if you are very stiff and professional in an effort to seem 'high quality', your subscribers will hold you to that. But if you're relaxed, chill, and easy going about your channel, so will your subscribers be. Obviously some people are overly critical of themselves, this isn't what I mean. I simply mean that the expectations you set are the expectations you'll get!

Dont be afraid to do what you want. While I would recommend completely different content, like lets-plays, go on another channel if frequent, you don't have to stick to pony! Yes, it is true that you've built a fan base around ponies, thats okay! And not everyone from that fanbase will watch non-pony things. But that is also okay! It may not fit with the algorithm, but I personally prefer to just make my channel a public place to just come see the things I've made. If some like certain things but not others, that's completely fine, but I leave that up to your preference.

Finally, dont forget to be yourself. And by be yourself, I mean be who you want to be, not some canned personality, or even trying to be like your 'old self'. As you grow and walk in life, your channel and online personality will change, and that's okay! We humans are not statues or paintings that always remain the same. We're dynamic beings that change, grow, and blossom into many different seasons of life.

And if one day you want to stop doing youtube, that is okay too.

Until then, all of you go subscribe, like, share, and leave a good and encouraging comment for Maka, or any other creator you like. It means a lot when someone leaves even the smallest encouragement.

-Saphire Systrine


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