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Friday, October 27, 2023

SwerveAlec - heir nen poni - Meme Animation


A silly animation of Twilight Sparkle realizing that Season 9 was the last one.
Want to know more about this animator and meme? Click below!

SwerveAlec is a talented animator who makes many different kinds of shorts about their OC as well as MLP content containing Twilight Sparkle in funny situations! The video above is a meme referring to the sudden end of MLP:FIM and the realization that Season 9 would be the last, ending the series off bittersweetly but nevertheless painfully for most pony fanatics. (that includes me too btw)

Either way, thanks to the fandom there is still a plethora of pony content that has yet regardless of age, so definitely don't be afraid to check out older content! (well-known or otherwise!) 

Including this silly Twilight meme they've also done in relation to the Gnome meme running around at the time!

While we're on the train of appreciating Twilight Sparkle, check out this older doodle of her from around 2021 made by @namaenonaipony

Btw let me know in the comments if I should do a Twilight Sparkle appreciation post, cuz I have a TON of Twilight Sparkle images, new and old!

Check out these artists and the great work they do, and don't forget to stay awesome!

Also... The ride never ends!! 

- Cupute
(Pixel artwork of Twilight made by 2Snacks)


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