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Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Studio Cinemagic - "Welcome to HarmonyCon" - PMV

 Another Studios Cinemagic video so fast? YES!

Check out the AMAZING tribute to pony for HarmonyCon, and learn more below!

This is a BEAUTIFUL compilation of clips from the show and fandom, set to a cover of My Chemical Romance's "Welcome to the Black Parade" song, covered by Prince Whateverer specifically for HarmonyCon!

Some fun facts! Studio Cinemagic only had a few weeks to work on this. While he was initially only supposed to do about thirty seconds of work, he did a whole five and a half minutes worth! WOW!

I personally feel so honored to see many of the fan animations my friends have made show up in this, and WOW the attention!

The video is an odd aspect ratio because it was made of the three-screen setup you can see below:

Cole Donnerstag (Studio Cinemagic)'s Community Guest Intro on the Main Stage!

Please go and support Cole as he makes amazing PMVs! Make sure to also check the description of the video for all of the fan content.

HarmonyCon24 was a blast, and it was made even more magical by the amazing work of Studio Cinemagic! :D

-Saphire Systrine


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