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  Site News! We need Writers and Coders! More info below!

Monday, July 10, 2023

Welcome! If you're new, please read...

This site is currently a work in progress, BUT SUBMISSIONS ARE OPEN! We need Writers, HTML coders, and more! Click for more...

What is Daily Dose of Pony? Well, go learn about us on our About Us page! :P

We want Daily Dose of Pony to grow big enough that it can help out the artists featured here, but that can only happen if you share it around and submit stuff!

We ask that you please be patient with the visuals of the site. We're looking at alternative sites, but they come with their own set of caviates and setbacks. When we eventually switch over, we'll notify everyone via a post.

    If you are interested in helping this site look pretty with your HTML/CSS skills, or if you are interested in lending your skills as a Writing pony, then send us an email at! Check below for details.


General Requirements for Writers:

Be passionate about pony content
    >We want our articles to be encouraging no matter how big or small they are! You can even add your own unique flair. If there is a topic you specialize in, let us know!

Be willing to dedicate a little bit of time every other day or so
    >If we have enough writers, the workload should ideally be evenly spread out enough that you wouldn't need to write many articles, just one a day, or every other day depending on how many submissions we get!

Generally have good grammar
>We don't mind how you style your personality in your text, just as long as it has good spelling and grammar, which there are plenty of tools for! Just... they don't seem to work for Blogger pages :T

Aaaand....That's it! Really, we're not looking for whether or not ya know how to write a book, just some articles detailing pony content!

If you're interested, email us, or give me a DM on Discord @saphiresystrine


We hope you enjoy the site!

-Saphire Systrine

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