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Friday, August 11, 2023

Max Initial - "Pinkie Gets Banned From Party City" - Audio Comedy

 A concerning phonecall from Party City
Send help!
Max Initial brings us a surprising twist of content from his regular high-quality music: A concerning phonecall from the manager of the Party City down the street. Apparently Miss Pinkamena has done considerable damage to the drywall and insulation.

The video features the voice work of Max as the Manager, Lotus Moon as the out-of-control pink horse, and Lerovun as the powerless part-time minimum-wage soul that is having to deal with it.

Overall it is quite the funny skit, so please do take a listen!
As always, go subscribe and follow! Small artists need the support, so please go to their channel and hit that subscribe button. Max does way more than funny skits, but we're saving that for another post :P

-Saphire Systrine

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