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Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Stardust 42 - "Making A TIERLIST For EVERY SONG In MLP:FIM "- Collab Ranking Commentary

Ranking FIM:MLP Songs right here!

Join your local blue horses for some funny commentary whilst ranking songs from G4!
Would ya like to learn more about this video and the folks in it click below!

Stardust 42 has done it again with the incredible hosting for this fun collaboration! This video is a joyful and fun 36 minutes of entertainment galore! From the Smile song, to This Day Aria, to Ballad of the Crystal Empire, the fun just keeps on coming!

Stardust 42 for this ranking, was accompanied by amazing folks; Lerovun, MrSome1, & Coaster. All lovely individuals with hilarious commentary and interesting takes on certain songs! Even telling backstories on what songs effected them at some point while being a brony

Either way, definitely give these creators and this video a follow and have a wonderful day friends!

- Cupute

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