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Wednesday, August 2, 2023

Tapiocapo - "Go Kitty Go! MLP Artfight Mass Attack" - Artfight Animation

 Pony Animation Incoming!

This video was legit posted a day ago and it features animations of over 81 CHARACTERS?! Now this is worth a watch! 
Click below to learn more!

Taking approximately one month to be created, this user had decided for their Artfight entry to animate over 81 characters in this animated short! The song they're using is called “Go Kitty Go” a silly and old internet song that showcases cats dancing. Using a combination of FlipaClip and Procreate, and taking over 60 hours to animate, we now have ponies dancing and smooving to the beat of "Go Kitty Go"! This work of art shows the dedication they had put into this! Turning oc's from Artfight into living and breathing characters!
According to the official post on Artfight, Tapiocapo explained...
"OH MY GOD i didnt expect this to take me ALL MONTH to finish. As of writing this its 5 am and I have 7 hours left before artfight ends. Cutting it soooo close. ANyway im so proud of this but i am so ready for this to be over i have been stressing SO HARD for the last week. For context I think this is the first animated project ive ever, like, finished?? because im not an animator, im just an artist who knows how to use flippaclip lol." - Tapiocapo on Artfight
It is amazing the amount of dedication that this artist has put into such work. Animation is a difficult medium to work with (as I have dabbled in animation myself) and the time that it took to make such a masterpiece... I couldn't even imagined from the amount of stress such a momentous project could have put on the artist, but nevertheless I'm immensely happy that such artwork exists! 

Also, according to Tapiocapo, this is one of their first completed animations, colored and all, which is a momentous task to behold! Coming from purely an artist to an animator is something not a lot of people normally can do, but it’s very intriguing when artists like this have the capability and skill to do so.
It's interesting for me to think of their work process and how they could have animated certain elements, like the shortcut t
echniques used to achieve certain movement! 

For example, for one of the ponies flying they essentially animated it to where they moved the image itself instead of redrawing each frame, that way they didn't waste time on flapping the wings since the movement for the scene is very quick and swoopy. Not having to re-draw frames can save time to animate other parts, like the part where they animate ponies dancing, or the part of a pony emerging from a space ship, all super fun and creative ways of incorporating characters! It's honestly a very smart and amazing technique, alongside the other methods used, all coming together to make such a stellar animation indeed!

I'm so happy to have my characters, Thunder Note (Left) and Shutter Bow (Right), in such a animation, it brings such joy to my heart! ❤

I recommend heavily that you go and appreciate artists like this! Go and subscribe to Tapiocapo in hopes of seeing more of their content in the future! 
You can also check out their Artfight profile here! (Unfortunately you have to be logged in to view their profile but nevertheless!)
As well as their CARRD an TUMBLR.
If you did happen to participate in this last Artfight, don hesitate to consider submitting the art you have done for said event, I'd love to feature it! 
Here's a simple guide on how you should submit your own entries to DDP through email!
Either way, thanks for the read and have a wonderful day! ^-^

- Cupute

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