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Wednesday, August 2, 2023

Lemody🍋 - "Top 5 Pony Facts No one asked for part 2 :D" - Misc Videos

 Fun Facts!

Learn more about Lemody below!

Who is Lemody? Good question, cause I just found them myself!

Aside from being a combination of the words "Lemon" and "Melody", Lemody is a up-and-coming miscellaneous pony content creator who's primarily making youtube shorts!

From analysis, to 'sudden realizations', to animations or just plain ol edits, this lil horse is pumping out stuff left and right, and not in the spammy way either! It's genuinely good content, and I think its cute to use the ponytown exported image sets as an avatar, something you dont see too much of, but its certainly starting to catch on.

The acting is also good too, with Lemody sporting a very nice 'casual-conversation' voice, something I could listen to for hours! Is... that what you'd call that? A 'casual conversation voice'? I have no idea...

Check out more of their content below, and as alwas, go subscribe and like everything! EVERYTHING!

-Saphire Systrine

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