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Wednesday, September 6, 2023

4everfreebrony- "Thank You For The Love"-MLP G4 Emotional Music Music

Thanks for the memories......

4everyfreebrony released a new MLP song about remembering the best times with a pet...

If you'd like to read more about the song, check out more below!

4everyfreebrony is an MLP content creator that makes MLP original MLP songs, covers, and parodies. 

Last week he released the music video for his new song called "Thank You For The Love" from the Ponies at Dawn album (Pandemonium).

The song (written from Applejack's POV) is about her reminiscing about her memories with her dog Winona. The song is very sad and methodical with the lyrics remembering the good times together and wishing that more could be made.

While the song is mostly somber, it also has some cheerful lyrics particularly with Applejack thanking Winona for all of the good times and memories the latter bought into the former's life.

As noted in the description of the video, 4everyfreebrony's writing of the song was heavily influenced by the tragic passing of his own pet dog Willow. As such, the writing of the song was particularly challenging for them.

As someone who unfortunately lost their own pet dog Chip around three and a half years ago, the lyrics hit particularly hard for me as even after all these years I still miss him dearly.

Regardless, I still have the memories and pictures of Chip in our best moments, and I will continue to treasure them to my grave.

Here's another one of 4everyfreebrony's songs called "Angels in Disguise," which also doubles as a collaboration between 4everyfreebrony and another MLP musician named Drummershy!

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