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Monday, September 11, 2023

Ladybird - What kind of McDonalds has a message? - Meme Short

Bon Bon Eats At Mcdonalds?

CW// Mild Language

A funny little short clip showcasing Bon Bon's experience with McDonalds. What could possibly go wrong? More below.

My dear friend Ladybird is at it again with more videos! This one being the most recent and it had me chuckling. Knowing me, I'll take any kind of past gen funnies that I can get and Ladybird is a great source! Her content may not be massive but it's always appreciated! As is displayed in this upload, she sure knows how to make something funny even if it was made in as little as a minute! She has a bunch more uploads which vary between compilations, a comic dub, and all kinds of goofy fun!

One of her other great videos that highlights how fun scenes from G1 and Tales can really be on their own!

In conclusion, I definitely recommend watching these videos and more from her channel if you just want a little laugh or silliness. Do subscribe to her if you haven't and please help support her channel by liking and commenting!

- Fortune Star


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