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Monday, October 23, 2023

Algo at All - "lemons are nice" - Fan Song

Lemon Hearts got a song?!?!

Oh my gosh, if Lemon Hearts is one of your favorite background ponies, today's your lucky day!
If you wish to see more info about this video and pony, click below!

Algo at All has come out with a new and adorable song about a fun and adorable yellow mare! (Definitely my kind of content!) The mare in question being a gal named Lemon Hearts, a childhood friend of Twilight Sparkle and a joy to be around. 

This illustration was made by Turnaboutart & ReroriR using a base by Базы пони <З
This image of Twilight Sparkle and Lemon Hearts eating and chatting at a table is so cutee!!

Algo at All is a pretty talented musician who often adds pony vocal chops and uses other fun techniques in his music. Heavily underrated artist with a very talented array of songs in his catalogue! ViolaVaquita provided the cute artwork of Lemon Heart seen in the video

Definitely give this musician and the artist a look and sub to them! Their content do not disappoint! 

- Cupute


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