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Friday, October 20, 2023

Red Spark Music - The Way of Fire - Orchestral Fan Music

New Kirin Music for Equestria at War!?

Composer Red Spark Music just released their new song called "The Way of Fire."

If you'd like to know more, check out the article below!

Red Spark Music, a music composer, just released their most recent song, "The Way of Fire," on YouTube.

This song serves as the newest theme for the video game Hearts of Iron IV mod "Equestria at War," a My Little Pony style mod which recently received an update titled "The Way of Fire" update that includes content for the Kirin race.

As the Kirin and their nation "Realm of Kiria" are meant to represent the Chinese in "Equestria at War," the song heavily draws from ancient Chinese music.

The sounds of Chinese instruments such as Chinese flutes, drums, erhus (fiddles), and others all come together to create an intense and memorable theme.

Starting out slow and methodical with traditional string instruments, the louder flutes and drums eventually come in to further intensify the song. The song then ends with a beautiful flute melody, which helps bring the song to a smooth and satisfying conclusion.

For another example of Red Spark Music's work, here's their song "Bears & Bandits Menu Theme," which also served as the main theme for "Equestria at War" for the former update "Bears & Bandits!"

Be sure to support Red Spark Music by checking out their YouTube channel here!

You can also check out the Equestria at War mod for Hearts of Iron IV here!




  1. You can never go wrong with this guy's music, not matter how hard you try