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Saturday, October 7, 2023

Pinkie Pie Day - Featuring many artists - Pony Day Post

Pinkie Pie day is here!

Pinkie is here with many beautiful artworks and music all featuring this amazing pink horse! Come and check this post to see the many different ways Pinkie Pie is appreciated in the fandom!

If you scroll below you will be able to encounter and see all the various ways Pinkie Pie has been expressed in the fandom, new and old! Definitely go and scroll and check out each of these creators as each of them deserves to have their craft recognized.

A silly animation of Pinkie Pie and Rainbow singing a song about soup in a bowl. How adorable! Provided by Ziviebug!

Here's a gorgeous artwork that shows Pinkie Pie in all of her greatness. I especially adore the eyelashes drawn on Pinkie as it makes her look so expressive! Provided by Tendocake!

A Pinkie Pie-themed Friday Night Funkin Mod that is a reskin of a mod called Chaos Nightmare - Sonic Vs. Fleetway with the song Phantasm in the style of Pinkie Pie. They provided the stills and animation in the video and did an amazing job! All thanks to Melody Melancholy!

Going back to traditional artwork, this one is Pinkie Pie in a depiction of the papercraft called a Diorama. Such a fun and whimsical artwork of Pinkie made by made_by_Franch

Yooo!! Look at this Pinkie Pie song! It amazes me that with how old this video is, that not many have seen it! This song is a precious take on a Pinkie Pie, with her being silly! Y’all should check out their channel as their username is Narokath (AE)

I adore the creativity that this artist had in deciding to make a Pinkie Pie made of wires! I very much adore the time they spend not only creating the sculpture but also taking the time to make this animated gif of said thing! This craft and animation is made by malte279!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this post. I know it’s been a while since I wrote a post but I really wanted to make a post for Pinkie Pie Day! Please be sure to note in the comments what ya think about these specialty posts and don't forget to check out the creators I shared today! 
Happy Pinkie Pie Day and don't forget to smile!

- Cupute

Thumbnail artwork is made by andoanimalia



  1. As a Pinkie hater myself...I'll allow it. Happy Pinkie Pie day!

  2. Okay, I love the sheer variety of mediums in these. Awesome work, every single one!