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Saturday, January 13, 2024

A RetroGeek Summary - MLP Toy Restorations

More ponies, more RetroGeek!

Happy new year! It's been a while, so it's time to take a look

at what RetroGeek Crafts has been up to!

So we've made it to 2024, and for me, that means it's time to take a look back at some of the more recent things that one of my favourite YouTubers has been doing! On the topic of the video shown above, the idea of an extended compilation for ASMR purposes just absolutely struck a homerun with me and so many of my friends! As I'm sure people would have already been using their videos for such a thing, it was definitely a perfect move to compile the most relaxing moments from each of them into a video that's just perfect for listening to whilst working on something, or just closing your eyes and relaxing to.

Here's one that hit close to home, a transgender pride pony! Using a really grubby old Pony Bride as a base, RetroGeek really transformed this into a beautiful creature! If RetroGeek was selling these, I'd have snapped one up instantly!

One more video I want to highlight is this beauty! Being able to watch and enjoy the process that goes into making these is an absolute joy! I speak for all of us older gen pony fans when I say that we'd all really love to have these kinds of products available from Hasbro, Especially if more obscure ponies were to be produced. Though if you're a crafty person and know your way around this process, you can make your own using the steps shown in the video, plus the Resincrete product used to make them!

I hope you all enjoyed this little look into RetroGeek Crafts more recent videos! If you want to go and support them and all they do, please don't hesitate to subscribe to their YT channel!

- Fortune Star


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