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Friday, February 9, 2024

Makaryo - "The Last Swamp Fever" - MLP G5 Horror Animation


Makaryo recently uploaded an MLP G5 Horror animation. If you'd like to find out more, check out the article below!

(Trigger Warning: Horror/Disturbing. Contains obscured gore and implied themes of horrific death)

Makaryo, an MLP content creator who mainly does G4 and G5 animations in 2D and 3D, recently uploaded an animation titled "The Last Swamp Fever - MLP G5 Horror Animation." 

The video involves Sunny Starscout's dad Argyle Starshine detailing his findings (and eventual encounter) with Swamp Fever.

The video begins with some happy moments between Sunny and Argyle in Maretime Bay, but then moves onto a short presentation by Argyle involving the symbol and phrase for the number "38," which was a healing magic spell in the early days of Equestria.

After a few creepy shots of what looks like a pony in agony and transforming, the animation moves onto another presentation by Argyle, this one pertaining to Swamp Fever.

Argyle explains that long ago, a expedition into the Hayfever Swamp uncovered a strange flower that released a gas onto the ponies, which caused a horrific outbreak of a disease called Swamp Fever.

After explaining the initial symptoms for Swamp Fever (change of coat, coughing bubbles, shock sneezing, and confusion), Argyle explains that the last stage for the disease involves turning the victim into a tree.

In a shout out to G4, Argyle reveals that a cure for Swamp Fever was eventually made out of flash bee honey by "The Mythical Mask - Mage Meadowbrook."

However, while ponies in the early stage of the disease were cured and the outbreak was stopped, the ponies who were turned into trees still remain in the Hayfever Swamp.

Argyle then lists several questions about Swamp Fever, including whether the flower is still there and if the tree ponies are still alive.

Argyle then reveals he headed into the Hayfever Swamp to answer these questions, but underestimated the dangers of the area......

The presentation then ends and the video cuts to 3D animation, which has Argyle talking into a video camera.

Argyle reveals that he was infected with Swamp Fever while in Hayfever Swamp and that the flash bees which cured the original outbreak have been extinct for many moons .

Out of fear that he could infect others with the disease if he returned home, Argyle self-quarantined and recorded his final moments.

After lamenting that he didn't tell Sunny where he was going or about his research, Argyle then reveals that there are about a thousand Swamp Fever flowers in the swamp.

Eventually, Argyle's symptoms progress to the point where you can see tree branches growing out of his body......

Argyle then laments how his actions led to this moment, saying that he just wanted to bring the pony tribes back together, shouldn't have impressed his beliefs onto Sunny, and been there for her more in her fillyhood. 

This scene is especially tear-jerking as it includes a picture of Sunny as a young filly in focus while Argyle is lamenting his actions in the background.

Being in the very late stage of transformation, Argyle burns the Swamp Fever flowers while chanting the "38" magic spell, at least ensuring that no other ponies can be harmed by the flowers.

Argyle continues chanting the "38" spell in the hopes that it will stop the transformation. However, eventually the disease progresses to the point where he can no longer move.

Screaming in agony, Argyle begs for help from anypony, even calling out to the Princesses of Equestria, but to no avail as his last words are calling out to Sunny before his transformation completes.

The video then ends with Argyle and Sunny looking at the sunset, a sad reminder of the good times that Argyle and Sunny had before his horrific transformation.

The video is extremely well paced, has stellar 3D animation, and contains the perfect blend of horror and sad moments, with Argyle's transformation being absolutely horrifying and tragic as he screams in pain and his final words begging for help from Sunny.

Be sure to support Makaryo by subscribing to their YouTube channel!

For another example of Makaryo's work, here's their animation "THE MAGIC ARGUMENT- MLP G5 Parody Animation," which has Opaline and Misty quarreling about magic, pronunciations, and their own questionable actions in G5!



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