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Tuesday, March 12, 2024

BonBonsBasement - "no recess" - G1 Fan Edit


BonBonsBasement recently uploaded a G1 fan edit. If you want to find out more, check out the article below!

BonBonsBasement, an MLP content creator who mostly does fan dubs/skits of scenes from the G1 animation "My Little Pony Tales," recently uploaded a video titled "no recess." The video has a classroom of ponies goofing off while the teacher, Miss Hackney, is trying to show them how a pulley works.

Annoyed by a paper airplane, Miss Hackney threatens the class with "I see a lot of little ponies who don't want recess today!"

The view then changes to the classes' perspective, with them going silent as horrific ambient sounds from the video game series "Five Nights at Freddy's" plays.

Miss Hackney then continues to teach the class. However, the perspective constantly cuts back to the class being silent as scary ambience continues to play.

At one point, one of the students starts to open her mouth to say something as the sides of the video fade to black, then decides against it.

Miss Hackney then complains that her head hurts and that she shouldn't teach today.

The video then ends with a final shot of the pony who threw the paper plane at the start of the video smiling (implying this was his whole plan all along).

Despite the video's short length, it manages to blend comedy and horror with the scary ambience being funny and horrifying at the same time.

Be sure to support BonBonsBasement by subscribing to their YouTube channel!

For another example of BonBonsBasement's work, here's their video "you're right," which has the character Starlight hoping to be a guest of honor at Bronycon (in 1992 no less!)



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  1. Feels like a scene from a David Lynch film tbh I love it