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Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Joey Turner - "Pie's Pizzeria Commercial" - G4 Fan Animation


Joey Turner recently uploaded a new MLP fan animation. If you'd like to find out more, check out the article below!

(Warning: The video mentioned in the article contains mild language. Viewer discretion is advised)

Joey Turner, an MLP content creator who frequently creates animations of his OC, Jasper Pie, getting in whacky hijinks, recently released an animation titled "Pie's Pizzeria Commercial." The video shows off Jasper and his friends creating a commercial for Jaspe    r Pie's restaurant "Pie's Pizzeria."

After a brief cameo by Robbie Rotten and a short message saying that the video is not for kids, the video begins with Ponyville mysteriously covered in fog.

After mysterious narration claiming there's only one hope for Equestria in a time of famine, the tone suddenly becomes light-hearted with the narrator telling the viewer to survive by, "coming down to Pie's Pizzeria!"

The narration then changes to the pizzeria's owner, Jasper Pie, who says that Pie's Pizzeria has pizza, calzones, fries, pizza fries, Jasperoni Surprise (patent pending), cookie pizza (patent pending), and chicken nuggets.

The video then freezes with Jasper seemingly surprised that the pizzeria sells chicken nuggets and asks if anyone has actually ordered them before.

The video then cuts to Jasper insisting that all the food is prepared with love and the highest safety standards. Seconds later, he lights a match in front of an oven and blows himself up.

Jasper continues, saying above all else, the establishment values customer satisfaction and loyalty. A stallion is then shown trying to exit the pizzeria without paying, which is met by Jasper unleashing his dog Keith to catch the customer.

The pizzeria's arcade is then shown off, with Aramau beating Jasper and Thespio's high scores (much to their horror).

Jasper then shows several satisfied customers and employees giving their thoughts, which include:

Jasper's assistant manager and marefriend Harmony Dancer, who gives nothing but positive feedback.

Jasper's friend, Firebrand, loves the food but says Jasper is a "whack job." Jasper is then heard clearing his throat, to which Firebrand clarifies that Jasper is a "certified whack job."

Jasper's chief video editor Lightning Bliss, who also loves the food and the surprises (an explosion is then heard in the background.)

Mary Sue, who is only there to be paid.

Jasper then claims that the pizzeria has gotten celebrity endorsements. The video then shows "Diet Princess Celestia," who is clearly a hoof sock puppet player by Casper Cake.

After Diet Princess Celestia "praises" Pie's Pizzeria, Casper then starts flirting with Diet Princess Celestia until his other hoof puppet, Hoofio, shows up.

Casper frantically tries to make excuses, but Hoofio sees right through them and the three end up in a fight.

After a short video cut, Jasper ends the commercial by inviting the viewer to come down to Pie's Pizzeria with the catchphrase "Who Better To Cook a Pie Than A Pie?"

A very long disclaimer is then shown with the narrator warning that "Pie's Pizzeria is not responsible for any fires, explosions, or spontaneous mental breakdowns resulting from cartoony hijinks or oversaturated pizza-based memes."

Additionally, the disclaimer warns that "your doctor may need to perform a series of painful and degrading tests as well as a series of injections into your abdomen and kneecap to see if Pie's Pizzeria is right for you" as well as the claim that "Jasper's Pizzeria is not a registered food handler and unqualified for domestic disputes."

The disclaimer eventually ends with the announcer revealing that they didn't memorize the script at the time of recording and blue is a color.

After the commercial ends, it's revealed it was being shown to Jasper's friends on a projector. Jasper then asks what they thought of it.

Midnight Sonata bluntly tells Jasper that the commercial was "confusing, chaotic, and lacked any sense of rhyme or reason," though she also boops Jasper afterwards and says "it was so you."

Eliyora then asks Jasper why he couldn't have used good footage for the montages in the commercial, only for Lightning Bliss to reveal that what they just saw WAS the good footage.

Lightning reveals she wanted to do more reshots, but quotes Jasper in an exaggerated tone as saying, "NOOOOOOOOOO! WE MUST KEEP IT ALL NATURAL FOR THE SAKE OF ART!"

Jasper backs up this decision by claiming that the "authenticity" of the commercial will convince potential customers that Pie's Pizzeria is honest and "a place you trust with your wallet."

Firebrand respects Jasper's decision, though he also asks if Jasper maybe put in too much effort for a fast food commercial.

This comment seriously ticks Jasper off, who angrily sends Firebrand away in timeout on the stairs.

Acharky, seeing right through the fake Princess Celestia seen in the commercial, asks why Jasper couldn't get any actual celebrity endorsements. Jasper reveals that he and his crew couldn't find any real celebrities. They did nearly get a cameo from Nickocado Avocado, but then the scene cuts to Thespio, Lightning, and Jasper presumably watching Nickocado on TV.

What Nickocado is saying is not revealed, though the long censor bleep and Thespio placing his hooves over Lightning's ears indicates what is being said is not pleasant.

Mad Munchkin says that she liked the commercial, though she tells Jasper not to get his hopes up if it "doesn't work overnight."

After a transition saying "One Over Night Later," it cuts to the pizzeria with Jasper and the entire crew looking very unhappy. Thespio points out the commercial worked in getting ponies to come to the pizzeria, though Harmony Dancer points out most of them only came to meet the "stars" of the commercial.

The stars are revealed to be Mary Sue and Hoofio, with the former being especially happy with all the attention the commercial ended up giving her.

Lightning Bliss, trying to stay positive, says "At least ponies watched it!" Jasper, however, collapses onto the counter in disappointment.

A small colt then walks up to Jasper, and after confirming that Jasper made the commercial, asks if Jasper is going to "Make any more of those toy choo choo trains videos." This is a reference to Joey Turner's dubs of "Thomas the Tank Engine" episodes.

The colt claims that he liked Jasper better when he did those and literally nothing else. Jasper is seriously angered by this, and after the colt leaves collapses behind the counter sobbing. Harmony offers to make Jasper a milkshake, which Jasper responds with, "Make it a double, please!"

Thespio remarks that situations like this is why he never references his past. He then has an existential crisis over having referenced his past, which Midnight confirms that he's done in every audio editing. Exasperated, Thespio faints onto the floor and says, "Make it two, Harmony!"

The credits then roll, with the video ending with an outtake of Lightning Bliss trying (and failing) to quote Jasper's earlier words in an exaggerated tone.

Overall, the animation boasts a great animation style and sense of humor.

Be sure to support Joey Turner by subscribing to their YouTube channel and Patreon! Also be sure to subscribe to DaWillstanator, DragonFirePrincess7, AramautheFierySecretary, joshscorcher, lightning-bliss, MadMunchkin, KattiePatterson1, and Eilyora, who played their OCs in the video, as well!

For another example of Joey Turner's work, here's their video "Jasper's Answering Machine 3: Callers in Time," which has a bunch of Jasper Pie's friends and coworkers as well as many canon MLP:FIM characters leaving messages on Jasper's phone! (Warning: This video contains mild language.)



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